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HEMI Technical Info

October Update

We have been keeping busy through the year enhancing our production line,
here is a look back at what we made and what we are capable of doing.

Lightning Shifters: A compact and clean base that is fitted for air lines, and custom handles that allow for easy access to shift.

Floater Cutter Regroving:  We have A jig to recut your old Floaters, and we also can resurface them along with Clutch Discs and the plates on the Flywheel and Pressure Plate.

Blow Back Tubes: These double o-ring quick disconnect pieces allow for a efficient puke tank removal from the Valve Covers.

Resurfacing Starter Dogs:  We all have those starter dogs that have the tip rounded from use, we have a Jig and a program to clean them up to almost new.

Dual Carb Bracket:  Not much to be said, Accuate and easy to install.


Injector Spacer For Nostalgia Funny Car:  This was a special project, plenty of thinking had to go into this to get the angle correct to Body.

Custom Piston Rack With Tray For Caps:  This was an amazing result from a desire to find a Rack that could sit on our block without the risk of falling over.  keeps ever thing clean and is light, also quickly disassembled for those with minimal storage.  Numbered and joined by a little tray so the crew chief can inspect the bearings without clutter.  The tray is also spill resistant.

NOTE:  We also have a Anodizing System for most of our pieces that we make,
if your looking to add a personal touch to our products let us know!